During World War II, Hitler and the Nazis stole millions of paintings, sculpture, documents, books, musical manuscripts, and other cultural items.

Donation to Dallas Holocaust Museum
Five Paintings to Germany
University of Naples Books
ERR Albums 7, 8 & 11
Eisenhower at the Met
Gemäldegalerie Linz Album
ERR Album 6 Returned to the National Archives
Murillo Paintings

Hundreds of thousands of these items, worth billions of dollars, remain missing today. Increasingly these objects are surfacing, sometimes in the possession of those who fought in the war (or a relative) and may have taken them as a souvenir without realizing their importance. Over the next ten years, as that generation passes, everything in their possession will change hands and many of the missing objects will appear. Frequently those in possession of such items aren’t aware that it is illegal to sell cultural objects taken during war. The foundation has played a leading role in locating such objects. Its work has resulted in the restitution of priceless documents to the governments of the United States, Italy, and Germany.

By leveraging its understanding of the laws concerning cultural property and furthering relationships with other leading experts in this arena, the foundation is in a unique position to raise public awareness about the volume of missing items and their importance. Broad enlistment of the public’s help is the essential next step in this important process.

If you have information about a work of art or other cultural item taken during World War II, please contact us. We work on a confidential basis if desired to return objects to their rightful owners. Please contact us or call (214) 219-1222 with any information.