What kind of property is the Foundation seeking to restitute?

We are interested in cultural property - works of art, books, archival documents, artifacts, musical instruments and manuscripts, museum collections, and religious objects – stolen or picked up as a souvenir during WWII and not yet restituted to their proper owner.

What if I have a German weapon/ helmet/ medal?

These items are not considered “cultural property” and do not need to be restituted.

What about Nazi propaganda material?

These items are not considered “cultural property.”

What is restitution?

The return of something to the owner of it, or to the person entitled to it.

Will there be any cost to me to return an item?

No. The Foundation is an IRS-approved, not-for-profit 501 (c)(3) entity.

Will I receive a reward or compensation?


Is it illegal to sell an object I believe may be stolen?


Am I going to get in trouble if I contact the Foundation?


May I contact the Foundation anonymously?


Do you have a list of all of the Monuments Men?

Yes, please see our list here.

I believe my relative was a Monuments Man, what should I do?

Please contact us with as much information as you have regarding your relative, including their military service. Photos are also helpful.

What if I want to learn more about Robert Edsel’s books?

Please visit http://www.monumentsmen.com/books-movies/books for more information.

How do I book Robert Edsel for a speaking engagement?

Please visit http://www.monumentsmen.com/speaking-engagements/info for information.

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