Most Wanted: Documents

Gemälde-Galerie Linz Photo Albums

These albums are the only documents that show which works of art were intended for Hitler’s musem at Linz.

• Dimensions: 13.6 in x 15 in; 3 in thick
 Weight: 12.5 pounds

• Each album contains approximately 50 photos of artworks·Underneath every photo, handwritten in white or blue ink, is the name of the title, artist, measurements and periodically the date

• Pages are 30 x 36 cm grey card paper

• Cream canvas covers bound in black, goat leather; the words “GEMÄLDE-GALERIE LINZ” and an album number in Roman numerals were stamped on the binding with gold ink.

• 11 albums are still missing

• Likely removed from Berchtesgaden in May 1945

There were originally 31 known albums, but only 19 were said to have survived the war (I-VIII, XX-XXVIII, and XXX-XXXI). Of those albums, eighteen were found in May 1945 at Berchtesgaden in the study of the “Berghof,” Hitler’s vacation home. The last one (album XX, the only sculpture album) was found at the home of Hitler’s secretary, Martin Bormann.

After the war, the 19 albums were sent to the Central Collecting Point in Munich, where they were examined by Monuments Man S. Lane Faison, Jr. who used them as a source for his ALIU Report on Linz.

Today, all 19 albums are at the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin; 16 are on display.

Album XIII, orginally taken as a souvenir from Hitler’s home in Berchtesgaden, was recovered by The Monuments Men Foundation in 2009.

Albums IX-XII; XIV-XIX; and XXIX are still missing.