Significant Restitutions

2011 – $44m worth Klimt returned

Painted in 1915 by Gustav Klimt, Litzlberg am Attersee was seized by the Nazis from the apartment of Amalie Redlich in a village near Vienna, Austria. Redlich was deported to Poland, where she died in October 1941 in a concentration camp. In 1944, Salzburg art collector and dealer Friedrich Welz bought the painting and exchanged it for a piece from Salzburg's state gallery. It was subsequently passed on to the state gallery's successor, the Salzburger Residenzgalerie, in 1952 and later became part of the inventory of Salzburg's modern art museum (Museum der Moderne Salzburg).

In 2009, the Salzburg Museum declared to be in possession of at least 15 paintings with unclear provenance. When Georges Jorisch, Redlich's 83-year-old grandson, claimed the painting, the museum’s director Toni Stooss and Salzburg Deputy Governor Wilfried Haslauer were very collaborative to guarantee its return. The painting, which could be worth as much as €30m ($44m), was returned to Mr. Jorish on April 21, 2011.