Original Monuments Men Documents

James Rorimer D-Day Letter

Ike's Orders

General Eisenhower's orders to all Commanders.

Map of Altaussee salt mine

Map of Altaussee salt mine from Robert Posey’s notebooks

Sketch of Bernterode repository

Sketch of Bernterode repository from Walker Hancock’s notebook

Hancock letter

March 14, 1945 letter from Hancock to his wife Saima concerning the devastation of Germany

Posey letter

August 12, 1944 letter from Posey to his son “Woogie” about the French children

Posey letter

August 16, 1944 letter from Posey to his wife Alice about the French people

Stout letter

December 5, 1944 letter from George Stout to his wife Margie about “getting something done”

Stout letter

March 31, 1945 letter from Stout to Margie

Nazi Documents

Hitler ERR order

March 1, 1942 order from Hitler establishing the authority of the ERR

Hofer letter

September 26, 1941 letter from Hofer to Göring updating him on the status of various Jewish collections in Paris

Rosenberg seizure memo

December 18, 1941 memo from Rosenberg concerning seizure of Jewish property