Join the Hunt

The Monuments Men found and restituted almost 5 million art and cultural objects—paintings, drawings, sculpture and religious objects—many stolen by Hitler and the Nazis.

But their mission was not completed. Hundreds of thousands of works of art and important cultural documents remain missing even today.

The Monuments Men Foundation is dedicated to completing the mission of these heroes of civilization and seeks to enlist people of good will to accomplish that goal by identifying and bringing to light works of art that may have been looted and never restituted. By identifying major missing works of art, the Foundation hopes that some unsuspecting owner, household employee, or visitor may recognize it and contact us. The Foundation is not just focused on finding paintings; we seek any cultural property item including documents, that may have been taken as souvenirs by soldiers, displaced persons, or others in the hope that we can illuminate the path home to its rightful owner.

Those with information about items on these lists, or any other artistic or cultural object believed to have been taken, deliberately or as a souvenir, from Europe during the period 1933-1945, should contact the Monuments Men Foundation or call 1-866-WWII-ART.

While these lists of missing items have been created with great care, it is the nature of historical research that the accuracy of all details cannot be guaranteed. We will update these lists as more information becomes available.

The Foundation does not pay rewards; neither does it charge others for its efforts. It is also not interested in getting people who come forward to do the right thing into trouble; quite the contrary, it wants to recognize and honor anyone who is determined to return some missing object to its rightful owner. We respect the desire of those wishing to assist anonymously and will maintain all such information in confidence.